John Stebbins Photography | Whiteout

Taken on my last trip to the Oregon Coastline near Depoe Bay. I was playing with the exposure here and I love how this one turned out. There is a balance in nature, one that is delicate. In the photo we have a stark barren beach, void of sky and sea. What would our lives be like if we had no oceans? What would we be like if they were suddenly and irrevocably gone? It is sad, and quite terrifying to think about honestly. But the consequence of continuously trashing our beaches and oceans, of killing off the wildlife that flourishes there currently, are this, we will die too. We, as a species, depend on the oceans that cover over 70% of our planet for life. Weather patterns around the world are affected by them. Let's help protect them!


10% of all sales of this photo will go to one of the following organizations fighting corporate greed and governmental injustice and helping to protect our seas from, well, us.


Sea Sheperd


Surf Rider Foundation

Ocean Conservancy







WhiteoutWhiteoutBeach, Oregon Coastline
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