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The Balance of Peace

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The Balance of Peace


Life is a balance. Sometimes it is a very delicate balance in its ebb and flow between pleasure and pain, happiness and sadness. We strive to create positivity in our lives, to look at things with “Rose Colored Glasses” as it were and see the good in everything. This is an amazing and beautiful trait for a person to have.


You have to maintain the balance. The saying “you cannot be too happy” is a misnomer for without having some sadness in your life you begin to see life in only one lens; that everything should be good, always. This is a dangerous idea. When that moment of sadness does come, as it always will in one form or another, it crushes you and often leaves you with feelings of hopelessness and dismay. You are so beside yourself with grief that you have lost something so profound, that many are unable to cope, let alone recover from the pain. It either haunts them for the rest of their lives or they simply choose to end the pain.


The Balance of Peace is not a simple term. It can be quite daunting and delicate in its nature yet once you learn how to find it, you will never lose it. The key is to be at Peace with both; the good and the bad. Enjoy the happiness as you have it yet be absolutely willing to accept the sadness and loss as a part of existence. Learn from those moments of pain, loss, frustration, anger, and despair in order to grow; in your heart, in wisdom, in spirit, and in peace.


“I, a stranger, am afraid, in a world I never made.” ~ A.E. Housman


The above quote is a deep and extremely rich statement. We all create our own little worlds; we frequent the places we feel comfortable and safe. We surround ourselves with people that we know, people we love and are comfortable with.  We do this so we are not afraid to venture forth into our own created worlds and live our daily existence.


We exist, merely to exist.


The challenge comes when you have the courage and strength to step outside of the world of comfort and friendship you have created, outside of the existence, and step into a world you know no one, where you become the stranger, where you stop existing, and start living; for only then will you experience life in all of its rich beauty.


To see this world through the eyes and heart of another is a true journey. One every person should experience in his or her lifetime. For only then will you truly know what it is to live and to be alive.


Find that balance within yourself. Sit daily and say can I change this? If the answer is no, be at peace with it. Learn from it. If the answer is yes, as it sometimes is, then by all means change it. Ask yourself how? Does it require an alteration to your life, your simple existence, or your own little world? If so, then find the courage and strength to change it. Whether it is by simplifying your life, changing your patterns, changing your friends, or changing where you live, make the changes you need for you. Learn how to be free. I am always here to offer advice on this.


The Balance of Peace can lead to profound changes within your spirit. The things that used to make you upset beyond belief will not longer affect you. They will no longer be able to bring you harm. Once you find it, I promise you, you will never forget it and you will never let it go.


Be free my friends. Dream and live without fear.


“Live freely, laugh uncontrollably, love unconditionally” ~ John Stebbins




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