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A Species of Light ----

April 21, 2016  •  1 Comment

As a species, we often ask ourselves: Why am I here? What is there beyond this existence? We look to the heavens, we look to others, we pray to gods and goddesses for answers... we seek a truth when we know not the question.

For those who are bold, we have an insatiable desire to explore the unknown. To push the limits of our reality. To seek a truth, regardless of the answers... or the question.

"Live in freedom; your choices, your thoughts, your passion, your heart." ~ John Stebbins

The journey begins at birth for all of us. The curiosity to explore our surroundings, to learn new things without fear, for fear is not something we are born with, it is something we are taught. Many of us latch onto that fear of the unknown and we hide ourselves away from the world, away from love, away from the beauty that is. We find comfort in our truth, that we are here simply to exist.

But that is not the whole truth. Fear should not define who we are! For there is more than birth and death. There is more than existence and ceasing to exist.

The world we live on is bold, beautiful, powerful, dynamic, and ever changing. We were born without fear with an insatiable desire to explore! To learn, to create beauty.... to love.

"Your essence is gold hidden in dust...." ~ Rumi

We are each a light, shining with different strengths. Some amplify the strength of those around them because they chose to share their light. Some dim the lights of others because they are afraid of the dark. And some chose to destroy the light of others because they want only theirs to shine. Who will you be in this world? Chose to be the strength that others need... shine your light so all can see.

"Share your love...


And Be Free!"

~John Stebbins


"Live Freely,

Laugh Uncontrollably,

Love Unconditionally."

~John Stebbins


Live every day of this life as if it is a gift, for it truly is. Your light reflects out to the stars and is mirrored back to you. Use it to brighten the day of someone around you.... don't allow them to be afraid in the darkness... be strong, show them what it means to have their light shine and how wonderful it can be for them each day... pay it forward.

"I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being." ~ Hafiz

So many of us decide to settle, we decide to take the path or destination that keeps us safe, yet we ultimately suffer from the safety, for it causes us to live a life we weren't meant to. Our dreams are wasted, or love is squandered, our thoughts and our hearts dulled, and we are so afraid of what is outside of this settlement, we stay. You have the power within you to change the world for the better, with your smile, with a hug, a kind word, a helping hand. You cannot shine your light to the world and show it the peace and beauty of pure joyous existence without breaking away from your fears and breaking out of the settled lifestyle.

"Dream.... and Live without Fear." ~John Stebbins


"Your fears are a kind of prison that confines you within a limited range of action. The less you fear, the more power you will have and the more fully you will live." ~ Robert Greene

There is a path for each of us.

It is ours and no one else.

You must choose how to follow it.

How you live your life upon that path will ultimately be who you become...

Make the right choices in this life...

They will benefit you in the next.

"Give of your heart, without fear, without desire, freely and to your fullest capacity" ~John Stebbins

Each of you needs to find your True North. Make your own path through this world and do not fear the unknown. Live... be free... love with all of your heart. Be at Peace with this life and all that it has to offer you.

Do not despair, do not be afraid. Be Strong....

The following is inspired by the teachings of Alan Watts... if you know not who this is, I challenge you to find him and listen to the wisdom this man has: For you are a Universe of Light in a Tiny Being, on a Tiny Rock, in a Tiny Galaxy.... SHINE!

With all of your heart and soul Shine! Explore, Love, Create, Share, Give...

And most of all:

Just Be.







Kristin M Dunn(non-registered)
Very inspiring John. It's too true that we are more than ourselves. I believe that if we live in darkness and fear, the source of our power which is love, is hindered. In Intimate Relationships, if the source of our power is not able to flow freely between two people l, and there is a blockage because of the intimate relationship, I don't believe that relationship can thrive. For if we are not able to feel our highest power's love while trying to love another through the intertwining of two spirits, I don't believe that relationship can work. I agree in letting our light shine and allowing the love that comes from the source to flow through us so we can give to others, and to light up the way and share our Energies.
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