A Universe of Thought in a Single Idea

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SunriseSunrise breaking over the mountains in Newport, Oregon

As a species, we often ask ourselves; Why am I here? What is there beyond this existence?

We look to the Heavens; We look to others; We pray to gods and goddesses for answers.

We seek a truth, when we know not the question.


For those who are bold, we have an insatiable desire to explore the unknown.

To push the limits of our reality.

To seek a truth, regardless of the question... or the answer.


This journey begins at birth for all of us.

The curiosity to explore our surroundings, to learn new things without fear,

for fear is not something we are born with, it is something we are taught.

Many of us latch onto that fear of the unknown and we hide ourselves away from the world,

away from love, away from the beauty that is.

We find comfort in our truth, that we are simply here to exist.


But that is not the whole truth.

Fear should not define who we are.

For there is more than birth or death.

There is more than existence and ceasing to exist.


The world we live on is bold, beautiful, powerful, dynamic, and ever changing.

We were born without fear, with an insatiable desire to explore.

To learn.

To create beauty.

To love.


Each of you needs to find your True North.

Make your own path through this World and do not fear the unknown.



Be Free....

Love with all of your heart...

Be at peace with this life and all that it has to offer you.

Do not despair.

Do not be afraid.

Be strong...


For you are a Universe of Light in a tiny being, on a tiny rock, in a tiny galaxy.


With all of your heart and soul, shine!

Explore, learn, love, create, share, give...

And most of all:


Just Be.



"I, a stranger and afraid, in a world I never made" ~ A.E. Housman



"The fairies break their dances

And leave the printed lawn

And up from India glances

The silver sail of dawn.


The candles burn their sockets

The blinds let through the day

The young man feels his pockets

And wonders what to pay"

A.E. Housman



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